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Peanie SA Hair Grow Tonic Peanie SA Hair Grow Tonic  
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Peanie SA Hair Grow Tonic

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HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH AND CONDITIONING A light, organic hair tonic, with added conditioners which instantly softens hair and soothes and refreshes scalp. Peanie has been adjusted to the 4.5 - 5.5 PH ratio where hair grows its fastest and healthiest. The Benefits of Peanie: Γ―β€šΒ· Improves circulation in the scalp and encourages healthy hair growth. Γ―β€šΒ· Revitalises scalp and softens hair. Γ―β€šΒ· PH balanced to reduce dry, itchy, sensitive and oily scalps. Γ―β€šΒ· Works on all hair types What are the results? Peanie Tonic will show results in the first 3 days of use and slower results with continuous use. What is Peanie? Peanie Hair Tonic is for use on the scalp to reduce hair loss and revitalise hair and scalp for healthy growth. It improves blood flow and restores small hair follicles to normal size and activity and increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles. This natural formula is designed to fight hair loss and stimulate growth of hair follicles that are suffering from weak hair and scalp conditions. Added conditioners and natural bio-stimulators, rich in both organic and mineral substances easily available to the hair follicle aiding in fast new hair growth and a silky feel. Transfers bio-nutrients to energise cells for improved follicle performance and productivity. Bio-nutrients provide vital energy and enhances protein and carbohydrate synthesis to help produce stronger, thicker, fuller hair. Order yours now !!!salons also welcome to get stock by me !!!
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