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Soek of adverteer na enige iets onder die son in Afrikaans! Karre, huise, implemente, produkte, geselskap, liefde, werk en nog vele meer!

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Opsoek na enige plaaswerk, ervaring met beeste, wild, boerbokke, sojas, mielies, tabak. Opsoek na enige plaaswerk, ervaring met beeste, wild, boerbokke, sojas, mielies, tabak.  
Deel jou advertensie nou op ander sosiale netwerke. 

Opsoek na enige plaaswerk, ervaring met beeste, wild, boerbokke, sojas, mielies, tabak.

Ek het in die verlede gewerk as plaasbestuurder vir kommersiele beesboerdery, het ervaring met kommersiele mielies en sojas asook saadmielies en saadsojas. Het n geldige kode b lisensie, kan trekker, trok, stroper bestuur. het baie ervaring met magnum trekkers en is bekend met steiger tiepe trekker bestuur. My cv sal onder beskikbaar wees.


 Contact number:  +27 61 587 5959





I am currently helping out on my uncle’s farm in Zambia, we are one of the biggest crop producers in Zambia, we plant Maize, Tobacco, Wheat, Soybeans’ and Barley. .I have about 6 years of farming experience. I have experience with cattle, goats, sheep, horses, game, maize and sunflower,  soybeans and wheat.. I lived and worked on a fully functioning farm since 2011 but since 2014 on different farms.

I am eagerly looking for an opportunity to work closer to home  .I love animals and the farm life.(See ‘Experience’ hereunder for a list of duties performed on the farms.)

I consider myself a hard worker that can perform under pressure and I am prepared to go the extra mile. I’m also a keen team player, but can work on my own. I’m honest, enthusiastic and enjoy a challenge. All these qualities are needed the agricultural industry  and I am confident that I can make a positive contribution where I work.

I know I’m still young, but I’m keen and open to learn.




Name & Surname                                     Jacobus Petrus van Heerden

Identity number                                        970221 5099 08 8

Marital status                                           Single

Dependants                                               None

Languages                                                 Afrikaans & English

Driving license                                          Code B

                                                                  (I have experience driving trucks and I am a well experienced tractor driver and familiar with driving steiger type tractors))

Hobbies                                                     Hunting, fishing, camping, watching sports and playing sports, especially rugby and spending time with friends.




School                                                        Barberton High School

Grade                                                        grade 12 class of 2015

Subjects                                                     Afrikaans
Life sciences (Biology)
Math Literacy
Computer Application Technology
Life Orientation

Sports and culture                                    Culture evening participation.

                                                                  Five years of rugby participation: Three times honorary colours, Under16 Puma winners and Beeld trophy semi-finals 2013, Second team league winners and First team Beeld trophy semi-finals 2014, Second team Mpumalanga Puma league winners and Bosveld league winners and First team league semi-finals 2015.

                                                                  I also participated for five years in athletics.

                                                                  Sport is something I hold very close to my heart as it taught me self-discipline and determination and also taught me the values of being a team player.

                                                                  Diligent school attendance, together with a positive approach to all situations, made for a most enjoyable and satisfying school career.

IT Skills                                                     I have acquired basic computer skills over the past three years and feel confident to apply it to all positions which I will qualify for, yet I am keen to learn more.

                                                                  Experience: Word, Excel, Internet, Email, Access, PowerPoint




Throughout my High school career I helped out with small jobs on multiple farms.


Kwaggaskop Boerdery (Stofberg)           I lived on the fully functioning farm from 2011 towards August 2014. We planted maize and had cattle and goats.

                                                                  My duties included:

·               Ploughing and sowing the fields

·               Dipping cattle

·               Helping sick animals

·               Buying and selling of goats at auctions

·               Checking and mending fences

·               Making hay bales

·               Hunting pest animals such as wild hogs and jackal

·               A lot of general manual labour


Bona Bona Game Lodge (Klerksdorp)        I worked at Bona Bona as a intern  from 14 December 2015 towards 3 January 2016.


                                                                        My duties included:

·         Mixing of feed with a feed roller

·         Feeding animals in the boma

·         Laying out feed in the camps

·         Culling

·         Mending fences

·         Tagging animals

·         Interactively working with animals



Viljoen Boerdery(Kalahari)                             Worked at Viljoen Boerdery (Kalahari post)

                                                                            Commercial cattle and game farm.

                                                                      Mccarthy’s rest border post since 12 January 2016

                                                                             Up to end of April 2016.

                                                                      (Junior farm manager)           

                                                                            Cattle and Game

                                                                             Farm size. 50 000 hectare


                                                                             My duties include:


·         Basic farm labour

·         Planning and making sure that breeding programs are followed

·         Relocating animals

·         Management Hunting

·         Planning and laying out of camps and cattle posts

·         Fixing broken pipelines

·         Checking and mending fences

·         Checking on the cattle and helping sick animals

·         Checking on the game and ensuring their good condition

·         All farm security and anti poaching

·         Fixing or replacing borehole pumps and casings .

·         Farm management

·         Basic mechanic knowledge

·         Basic electrical knowledge

·         Supervising of all labour taken part on the farm

·         Deforestation as well as weed control

Nyala Nkunzi Game-capturers


I worked for myself as a game trader and game capturer under authorization of Nyala Nkunzi.

I have experience in darting, netgun and passive boma captures and I am confident in my experience of animal behaviour.                                       



Cameo estates Zambia                                    I am currently helping my uncle on his farm in Zambia, we are     a commercial maize, tobacco, soybeans,

wheat and barley farm and also do commercial cattle farming.

                                                         My duties include:

·         Planting of Maize and Soybeans’

·         Stocktaking of all Chemicals, Fertilizers and different seeds in store rooms.

·         Supervising of a wide variety of farm labour such as spraying of fields, spreading fertilizers and ensuring calibrations are correct and the right amount of each compound is put on each hectare

·         Ensuring well being of crops

·         Driving of trucks, self propelled sprayers and pickups

·         Planning work programs

·         Ensuring well being of live stock

·         Variety of admin work

·         Interactively working with people

·         Planning on which chemicals to use and mixing

·         Basic mechanic work in the workshop

·         Planning water irrigation programs

·         Basic problem solving

·         Welding

·         Basic vehicle maintenance

·         Helping in the workshop area



Mrs Engela Hannekom

Manager: Kwaggaskop Boerdery

Contact number:  073 047 9685


Mr. Rudi van der Berg

Manager: Bona Bona Game Farm

Contact number: 0793596218


Barberton High School

Contact number:  013 712 1120



Mr. Lenerd Kok

Farm manager: Viljoen Boerdery (Kalahari)

Contact: 07266119323 or his wife

Connie Kok: 0823759818

Piet Grobler, owner at Nyala Nkunzi

Contact : 076 120 67 74

Jaun Benade, Farm manager at Cameo estates Zambia

Contact +260 96 9040400


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